Maya - Q'Celtic Dolce Vita
( Best Baby in Breed & III BEST IN SHOW Baby at the Club Show, £ódz 2004 & 3 x ZW M£ & 2 x ZW M£ LT & 6 x CWC & 3 x CAC & 2 x CACIB & 2 x resCACIB & 5 x BOS & 2 x BOB )
Maya is CEA / DNA Normal (by parentage), is PRA,PRED,KAT - Free (test - 26.01.07) Maya has also HD-A and ED 0-0.
Maya's sires line is also CL/DNA normal and TNS/DNA normal
Maya is the youngest of our bitches, not quite 3 years old. She is a happy, cheerful and energetic black white young lady with a big heart and a lust for life. Her pedigree includes an excellent Australian line and many other worthy ancestors. Maya is also the litter sister of the multitalented sports dog Thaia. As I said I don't train sports but she is an incredibly active bitch who loves toss and fetch, and who now seems to have caught the "frisbee bug". This will be the first litter for our "easter chick" a long time in the waiting and therefore much anticipated!

To be Maya's sire we have chosen a young and extremely promising sire with australian heritage mixed with lineage from the UK and NZ.
Indy - Alderaan Sgian Dubh is black and white, shows young talent in herding with a HIT certificate as well as many show successes, amongst others 2nd place in the Intermediate Class at the World Dog show in Poznań 2006, Young Polish Champion a few CWC, CACIB, Best Dog in Breed and BOB. He has recently started his push for Polish Champion.
Indy is CEA/CL/TNS/DNA NORMAL (by parentage), PRA,PRED,KAT -Free, HD-A and ED 0-0.
Indy is a young dog, with his own individual charm, has a fantastic character and a great appearance as you can see below.

photos by ABS

With the breeding of Maya and Indy we are expecting a healthy litter of pups with a classic appearance of a show dog and the instinct of a working dog. The pedigree from this pairing will produce pups with an outstanding heritage and we expect well balanced pups with and excellent show appearance and great proportions. However, Indy has the potential from his pedigree to produce pups not only b/w but also black tricolor, and chocolate as well as Aussie Red. We decided to have this dog sire Maya though solely on the merits of his working credentials, appearance and character. We don't really however expect to get a litter other than B/W from this pairing.
We hope that Maya and Indy's litter will be born in the autumn of 2007 :-)))