Toffee - Eyes of the World Be QCeltic
Jr PL CH & PL CH & LT CH & LT W'04 & Vilnus Cup W'04'05 ( 3 x Zw Ml, 9 x CWC, 4 x CAC, 4 x CACIB, 10 x NSwR, 4 x BOB ) We hope that after a long break our breeding plan will start in 2007 with the long awaited litter of our beautiful chocolate bitch Toffee, a 4 year old bitch..sheer dynamite!!! :-)))
Nothing has changed since she came to us at the age of 9 weeks !!! :-)))
Toffee is CEA/DNA Normal and CL/DNA Normal (by parentage) and also PRA,PRED,KAT free (Test - 26.01.2007). Toffee has also HD-A and ED 0-0.

Toffee is an extremely active dog, happy and cheerful, a great companion who loves working with people. Her favourite command is fetch, especially balls, but recently she has discovered a new passion and that's frisbee. Toffee loves everyone, animals and people alike, and her best friend is our cat Bibi, with whom she sleeps and also whom she lets walk all over her. Toffee is an unrivalled jumper and sometimes it is very difficult to keep up with her fast pace. She also proved herself to be great aunt to Tori's last litter, being there and looking after the pups, and of course she was a super mum to her own litter. From Toffee's last litter two pups are already training in agility and are doing great Toffee has a great ancestry, from her UK/NZ parentage to the many great names further back. Our chocolate bitch has a typical Border Collie character and temperament, full of life and energy , the same in the ring as in everyday life Toffee is chocolate&white, but in her ancestry there are signs of blue, black tricolor, sable and black, maybe even lilac!

After much consideration, we have decided that Toffee's litter will more than likely be sired by a Border Collie with an Australian heritage, one that we have known since birth !!! :-)))

Misha - Q'Celtic Diamante Nero JR VILNUS CUP W'05 & Christmas Cup W'06 & CH PL ( 1 x ZW M & 1 x ZW M LT & 4 x CWC & 2 x LT CAC & 1 x CACIB & 1 x BOS )
Misha is a young black & white male, a superb sire, an individualist and clown who will perform what you want for his favourite treat. Misha's litter sister is the multi talented sports bitch Thaia. Apart from Frisbee, we do not train sports disciplines, but we have every confidence that the combination of Misha's talents with Toffee's dynamic character will produce pups with great potential.
Misha is CEA/DNA Normal, PRA,PRED,KAT-Free (Test - 26.01.2007) and HD-A, ED 0-0
Misha's sire's line is also CL/DNA Normal and TNS/DNA Normal

photos by Magdalena Michalska & Maja

With the mating of Toffee x Misha we were planning above all else a healthy litter, but with an excellent appearance and working credentials. We are looking to achieve the maximum amount of strong characteristics apparent in Toffee's line as well as those of our chosen sire. We are expecting puppies with an outstanding, balanced temperament of a Border Collie, with good bone structure and proportion and we are hoping puppies that will excel at sports. For Toffee we are looking to choose a sire with a strong character, a remarkable appearance and good health, qualities on which we place great emphasis in our kennel, more so than the eventual colour of the pups.