Havvah is a doughter of our Tori - M CH PL & CH PL & CH RUS & LT W'02 & CLUB W'02 Briskness Bonnie Tyler from her first litter with Mike - fantastic stud-dog from Finland Fin & Am Ch SW-02 FinW-03 Pikkupaimenen Spy Catcher TDI , HIC From this litter in Poland stay only Havvah in our hands and her litter-brother as a companion dog. The rest of her littermates went to the well known european kennels. Havvah cover in her pedigree great australian lines, she herself turned into beautiful bitch and she wins lots at the dog shows in Poland and abroad.

BIS Baby Club Show'04 & Jr PL CH & Jr LT CH & Jr LT W'04 & Jr Vilnus Cup W'04 & Vilnus Winter W'04 & LT Club W'04 & Champ of Champs W'05 & PL CH & LT CH & BY CH & RUS CH & RKF CH Havvah is now over 2 years old bitch with wonderful proportions, very distinct head, strong bones and excellent pigmentation.
Havvah is dynamic, she loves people and work with humans, for cuddling she can gives all !!! Despite her age she shows very puppy natur, she loves piping toys and aport is her beloved hobby :-)

Havvah is black & white bitch, but after her father she can carry in her genotype black tri-colour. After longer thinking we decide to mate her to the same stud-dog as her mother Tori. Dixie - EYES OF THE WORLD COMANCHE ( CWC, CAC, resCACIB, CACIB, BOS, BOB will leave in Poland only his progeny with our two bitches.

Dixie Dixie

His great UK/NZ lines we wanted so much to include to our kennel. Dixie started with me his showing carrier and he did it like hurricane !!! :-))) Dixie turns 2 years soon. It will be his second and last mating in Poland. Dixie is a dog of great exterier and lovely temperament, always willing to please. Tested HD-A, ED 0-0, CEA-PRA-KAT clear 02/2005 and CEA/DNA carrier. Dixie has in his pedigree wonderful UK/NZ lines and many great ancestiors. Dixie is black & white but in his pedigree are also dogs of blue and chocolate colors, he may carry also lilac.

We would like to get mostly healthy puppies but also of great exterier and multi ability able. Dixie has superb UK/NZ lines, Havvah has superb AUS lines so it will be a combination of UK/NZ/AUS lines which we wanted to make so much and so long, just waited for the best possible stud-dog we could find first ! It will be an 'outcross' mating and interesting connection of UK/NZ/AUS. We would like to get as much as possible together put features, strongly passed from those lines of exterier and of working ability.

We are expecting puppies of great temperament, even in type, of strong bones, good proportions and multi ability able !!! We wanted to choose a stud-dog of little softer character, beside excellent exterier and health, parts we put a big emphasis in our kennel. Dixie has deffinitly all we were looking for and we can't wait to see Havvah x Dixie puppies on this World !!! :-)))