Toffee is 2.5 years old, dynamite girl !!! Nothing changed from the time she came to us from Paul and Nid from Eyes of the The World kennel in the age of 9 weeks old ;-) It will be her first litter !!! Toffee is also on the top of the list of most titled Border Collies in Poland, the truth is that three of my girls share between them three first places - Havvah, Tori and Toffee !!! What is most important 'all stays'' in family........and in our Q'Celtic kennel !!! :-)))

Toffee is extreme high active, happy and lovely bitch. Very good and well co-operate in all trainings. Her favorite fanatic hobby is 'aporting' ......all but mostly balls, she loves tricks as well !!! Toffee loves all people and animals, her favorite friend beside that is our euro-cat Bibi, they sleep together and Toffee accept Bibi to make with her all. Toffee is also a fantastic, high jumper and mover so it is difficult sometimes to follow her ;-) She is also a great ant, she was perfectly helping Tori to take care of Tori's puppies, so we do hope that she will be a wonderful mother to her own babies !!!

Toffee has in her pedigree wonderful UK/NZ lines and lots of great ancestiors. Her father Stan has official result from OPTIGEN CEA/DNA NORMAL, her mother will be checked soon. At the moment all tested until now progeny from Toffee's parents are OPTIGEN CEA/DNA NORMAL so we don't wait for anything else !!!

Toffee has wonderful character and superb exterier, at the dog-shows she runs always like 'lighting' her life too ;-) Toffee is chocolate & white but she has in her pedigree also color blue, black-tri, sable, she may give also lilac and black - all those colors are acceptable in the BC's standard :-)

After a looong time of thinking and searching we choose in our opinion the best possible stud-dog for Toffee !!! :-) Lucas - ALDERAAN DREAM LOVER AT VISION ( Jr PL CH & Jr Club W'04, 2 x CWC, resCACIB ) We wanted to join his great UK/NZ lines and include them to our kennel

Lucas Lucas

Lucas turns soon 2 y.o He is a dog of superb exterier and strong character, always willing to please. He is HD-A, CEA-PRA-KAT clear 12/2004 tested as well. Lucas has in his pedigree great UK/NZ lines and lots of great ancestiors too. It will be his second mate

We would like to get mostly healthy puppies but also with excellent exterier and multi ability able. Lucas train agility and obedience. Lucas and Toffee are from great UK/NZ lines. It will be a very interesting line-bred mating and very good lines connection in our opinion. We would like to get maximum of great together put features, strongly passed from their lines. We expect puppies of excellent temperament, even in type of wonderful bones and proportions. Puppies from this litter should have also multi working ability !!! We wanted to choose for Toffee a stud-dog of strong character beside health and superb exterier, parts we put a big emphasis in our kennel. Lucas deffinitly is all we were looking for and we can't wait to see Toffee x Lucas puppies on this world !!! :-)))