Tori is not the most titled Border Collie in Poland any longer but............ she give back this title not to her first doughter Havvah (sic!) :-))) Just behind, all the time on the top of this list is our Toffee, so trully tree of our girls Havvah, Toffee and Tori shared between them three first places in this report...and what is most important 'all stays' in the family....and in our Q'Celtic kennel !!! :-)))

Tori is very dynamic, 5 y.o bitch now. She is always busy, she loves to work with guide.and companion of all people. Her favorite hobby is swimming but also she is great in agility, obedience and in herding...........other dogs ;-) Tori has in her pedigree excellent australian lines and many great ancestiors. She has stronh character and superb exterier which she pass on her puppies. From her first litter ( from which we kept Havvah ) four puppies are showed with successes and all of them train in different dog sports as well !!! From her second litter ( from which we kept Maya ) at the show rings you can see five puppies with successes and also most of them train in different dog sports !!! Tori is black & white but after his father and grand-father she may carry also OZred ( ee ).

After many months of thinking and searching we choose in our opinion the best possible stud-dog for Tori !!! :-))) The dog we choose is borow temporary from Belgium, from Paul and Nid ( breeders of our chocolate Toffee ). Dixie - EYES OF THE WORLD COMANCHE ( CWC, CAC, resCACIB, CACIB, BOS, BOB )

Dixie Dixie

His great UK/NZ lines we wanted so much to include to our kennel. Dixie started with me his showing carrier and he did it like hurricane !!! :-))) Dixie turns 2 years soon. It will be his first mate. Dixie is a dog of great exterier and lovely temperament, always willing to please. Tested HD-A, ED 0-0, CEA-PRA-KAT clear 02/2005. He has in his pedigree wonderful UK/NZ lines and many great ancestiors. Dixie is black & white but in his pedigree are also dogs of blue and chocolate colors, he may carry also lilac.

We would like to get mostly healthy puppies but also of great exterier and multi ability able. Dixie has superb UK/NZ lines, Tori has superb AUS lines so it will be a combination of UK/NZ/AUS lines which we wanted to make so much and so long, just waited for the best possible stud-dog we could find first ! It will be an 'outcross' mating and interesting connection of UK/NZ/AUS. We would like to get as much as possible together put features, strongly passed from those lines of exterier and of working ability.

We are expecting puppies of great temperament, even in type, of strong bones, good proportions and multi ability able !!! Because of Tori's strong character we wanted to choose a stud-dog of little softer character, beside excellent exterier and health, parts we put a big emphasis in our kennel. Dixie has deffinitly all we were looking for and we can't wait to see Tori x Dixie puppies on this World !!! :-)))